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Bachelor of Arts

The Online Bachelor of Arts (BA) program at LPU Online provides a comprehensive academic experience, equipping you with diverse skills for varied career opportunities across fields. The program having industry-oriented curriculum comes with weekend LIVE lectures by top faculty, Master Classes by experts, Flexible Online Exams, Placement Support and much more.

Get up to 30%* Student Grant

Application Deadline:

* T&C Applicable


Rs. / Sem.

EMI facility available

Application Deadline

with up to 30%* Student Grant (* T&C Applicable)


3 Years

Total of 6 semesters


8-10 hours/week

Recommended hours
for the program


LIVE + Recorded

Video Lectures by
Expert Faculty


Rs. / Sem.

EMI facility available

Application Deadline

Batches start every 6 months


5 Reasons Why LPU Online Offers the Best Online BA Program in India

  • 1
    Top grade Curriculum & Professors
    Industry oriented Curriculum designed by experts from academia and industry and taught by highly qualified professors
  • 2
    Best LMS with Rich Interactive Features
    Empowered LMS with an advanced mobile App & interesting features for effective teaching-learning activities
  • 3
    Master Classes and Guest Lectures led by Industry Experts
    Specially organized Master classes and Guest Lectures by Industry experts to provide the latest Industry insights
  • 4
    Placements & Other Career Support
    Enhancing students’ capabilities as per the career requirements and giving them necessary placement assistance
  • 5
    Full-fledged Online BA Degree from NAAC A++ University
    Credible and Entitled degree from India's top ranked University, which has received the highest NAAC grade A++, with a score of 3.68 on a 4-point scale.
Apply for BA at LPU online

Fee & Eligibility

Fee For Indian & International# Applicants Semester Fee Total Fee, if paid Lumpsum
Fee  ₹ 20,000
Program Fee: ₹ 18,000, Exam. Fee: ₹ 2,000 (per sem.)
Total Fee: ₹ 1,20,000 (all sems.)
 ₹ 1,09,200
(which comes out to be ₹ 18,200 per sem.)
Fee With Up To 30%* Student Grant (Valid till ) ₹ 15,500
Program Fee: ₹ 13,500, Exam. Fee: ₹ 2,000 (per sem.)
Total Fee: ₹ 93,000 (all sems.)
₹ 84,900
(which comes out to be ₹ 14,150 per sem.)
The above fee is exclusive of the initial Registration Fee of ₹ 600/- (non-refundable).
#Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh
Fee for International Applicants (Other Countries) Semester Fee Total Fee, If paid Lumpsum
Fee US$ 950
Program Fee: US$ 850, Exam. Fee: US$ 100 (per sem.)
Total Fee: US$ 5700 (all sems.)
US$ 5190
(which comes out to be US$ 865 per sem.)
Fee With Up To 30%* Student Grant (Valid till ) US$ 738
Program Fee: US$ 638, Exam. Fee: US$ 100 (per sem.)
Total Fee: US$ 4428 (all sems.)
US$ 4044
(which comes out to be US$ 674 per sem.)
The above fee is exclusive of the initial Registration Fee of US$ 10 (non-refundable).
*T&C Applicable

Payment Mode


Your achievement can fund your upskilling dreams
If you have verifiable National/International level achievements in Sports, R & D, Social Science, Cultural and Co-curricular activities, your UGC Entitled Degree is on us!
Note: Email the details of your achievements along with relevant proofs to [email protected]. If you meet the criteria, our team will contact you for further process.

Online BA Program USPs

Contemporary Curriculum

Industry-oriented curriculum designed by experts

Skill Advancement

Skills Enhancement Courses on Fundamentals of Information Technology, Principles of Marketing, Office Automation Tools, Life Skills, and more!

Real-World Application

Capstone Project and Community Development Project for experiential learning.

Research Exposure

Inculcation of Research Aptitude through the provision of Term Paper.

Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Ability Enhancement and Interdisciplinary General Elective Courses like Environmental Sciences, English Communication Skills, E-Commerce, and more!

Hands-on Curriculum Designed for Real Results

credits Program


Total Credits
of Program

live classes





Discipline Specific Elective Courses



Elective Courses

recorded video


Skill Enhancement



Ability Enhancement Course

Core I *
Core II *
ECHE110: Environmental Sciences
EENG139: English Communication Skills
*For Core I and Core II students may choose two areas from the Core I and Core II baskets. Once chosen the core areas, these areas will be fix as Core in T2, T3, T4, T5 and T6 and will not be applicable in generic electives (GE) baskets
Core I *
Core II *
EENG140: Advanced English Communication Skills
GE-I: Generic Elective I **
**Generic Elective basket applicable from Term 2 to 5. Student will choose any one basket other than the Core Area
Core I *
Core II *
GE-II: Generic Elective II **
DSE-I: Discipline Specific Elective I ***
ESSC102 Community Development Project
***Discipline specific elective baskets. Student has to choose 4 courses from his one Core Area in each term from Term 3 to Term 6
Core I *
Core II *
GE-III: Generic Elective III *
DSE-II: Discipline Specific Elective II ***
SEC-I: Skill Enhancement Course I****
SEC-II: Skill Enhancement Course II****
**** Skill Enhancement Course basket. Student has to choose any 1 Course from each basket of Skill Enhancement from Term 4 to Term 6
Core I *
Core II *
SEC-III: Generic Elective IV **
DSE-III: Discipline Specific Elective III ***
SEC-III: Skill Enhancement Course III ****
ESSC303: Term Paper
1 Course from the GE Basket 1 which is not chosen as Generic Elective (GE)
Core I *
Core II *
DSE-IV: Discipline Specific Elective IV ***
SEC-IV: Skill Enhancement Course IV****
SSC304: Capstone Project
2 Courses from the GE Basket 2 and 3 of same area from which courses are chosen in Term Paper

Note: All LPU Online programs are offered in English medium only, except for a few Hindi Core/ Elective courses in BA program.

Top University Faculty

Mandeep Bhardwaj

Dr. Mandeep Bhardwaj

Assistant Professor


Macroeconoics Theory and Analysis – I

Chetali Chauhan

Chetali Chauhan

Assistant Professor


English Communication Skills

Dr. Vinod Kumar

Dr. Vinod Kumar

Associate Professor


Hindi Sahit ka Ithaas

Dr. Supreet

Dr. Supreet

Assistant Professor


Introduction to Sociology

Accredited Online BA Degree from NAAC A++ University

  • Degree from Top Ranked University
    Get high-stature degree on completion of your Online BA course from India’s top most University
  • Universally Accepted & Recognized
    The Degree is duly Entitled by UGC - Distance Education Bureau and is also recognized by World Education Services (WES) for study in Canada and USA.
  • No Difference From Campus Program Degree
    The degree is recognized by regulatory bodies and treated at par with regular degrees.
LPU Online degree sample.

Placement Support Services

LPU Online Placement Support Services are designed to enhance students’ capabilities as per the career requirements, to create awareness, and motivate them to acquire add-on skills other than their subject. At LPU Online, we make an additional effort to offer fitting job prospects to our students by conducting impactful Placement Drives. These events provide students with opportunities to interact with prospective employers, demonstrate their skills, and secure promising job roles.

Professional Enhancement Program

Mock Interviews

Prepare for interviews with confidence through our Mock Interview sessions. Receive valuable tips to excel in real-world interviews, ensuring you're well-prepared for the professional arena.

Soft Skills

Become interview-ready by honing soft skills. Learn communication, teamwork, adaptability, and more. Your success is not just about what you know but how you apply it in a professional setting.

Critical Reasoning

Be job-ready with aptitude and reasoning skills. Gain confidence in problem-solving, setting the stage for a successful career.

Alumni Support

Connect with alumni for valuable insights and guidance. Interact with the professionals before and after completing your program, benefiting from their real-world experience.

Master Classes

Explore our Master Classes and Workshops, designed to enhance your CV, ace job interviews, and develop in-demand skills such as Excel proficiency, presentation making etc.

What LPU Online students have to say...

I have successfully completed my MCA through LPU Online. Back in 2014, I was an alumna of LPU, but after getting married in 2014, I had to pause my education. However, in 2020, I got to know about LPU Online and seized the opportunity to continue my studies. The experience has been truly remarkable and I am immensely grateful for it. From the depths of my heart, I extend my heartfelt thanks to LPU Online for making this possible.

Testimonial avatar
Pooja Chauhan
Master of Computer Applications

I am delighted to share that I have secured a placement opportunity with Wayspire EdTech, thanks to the unwavering support and guidance provided by Career support team of LPU Online. My journey has been transformative, equipping me with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel. I am immensely grateful to LPU Online for their dedication and tireless efforts in facilitating placements and connecting us with leading organizations.

Testimonial avatar
Avinash Dhilorkar
Master of Business Administration

I'm thrilled to be part of the first batch of LPU Online. The program's flexibility has made it easy to balance work and studies, thanks to weekend classes and the ability to choose exam dates. Recorded lectures allowed me to catch up when I missed classes. I'm grateful to my teachers, mentors, and classmates for their support. Thanks, LPU Online, for this exceptional opportunity!

Testimonial avatar
Rachnaa Bajaj
Master of Business Administration

As a proud graduate of LPU's Online MCA program, recommended by my senior manager, my experience was excellent. The supportive faculty and mentors, along with industry-related Master classes led by top executives, enriched my learning. The post-admission call center's availability enhanced the overall experience. Looking back, choosing LPU was the right decision for me. Thank you, LPU, for this enriching experience!

Testimonial avatar
Pranjal Pandey
Master of Computer Applications

I am thrilled to share that I have been successfully placed in Planet Spark as a Business Development Counsellor. It is an incredible opportunity that I am grateful to have received through the support of LPU Online. I would like to express my gratitude to the Career Services team for their continuous support and efforts in connecting us with reputed organizations. They provided valuable insights and helped me enhance my resume and interviewing skills.

Testimonial avatar
Ayushi Bothra
Master of Business Administration

I'm a working mother. Teaching mathematics for the past 10 years has been my passion, but pursuing my post-graduation was quite challenging. I had previously dropped out from two universities. However, discovering LPU Online felt like a dream come true. The flexibility in date sheets and assignment deadlines provided me with a significant opportunity. I am grateful to LPU Online for offering classes on weekends. Thanks to LPU Online for this incredible opportunity.

Testimonial avatar
Harsha Tayal
Master of Science (Mathematics)

Hi, I am an engineer by profession and a working professional. After completing my graduation, I was on the lookout for options to pursue my master's degree while still continuing my job. That's when I discovered LPU and its online courses. Opting for LPU Online turned out to be a very decent experience for me. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to pursue higher education without leaving their job.

Testimonial avatar
Master of Computer Applications

Glad to share that I have been placed at Wayspire EdTech. Here at LPU Online, I am not only receiving great knowledge but also many concrete opportunities.CV Building workshops, sessions with industry experts and various placement drives helped me bag this amazing job. I credit this achievement to my actively supportive professors and placement cell.

Testimonial avatar
Gobardhan Malik
Master of Business Administration

Our Top Recruiters

Meet the Toppers of Online BA Program


Kirti Shekhawat

TGPA: 8.5 (Sem 1)

Batch - July 2023


Ashutosh Kumar Singh

TGPA: 8.5 (Sem 1)

Batch - July 2023


Amrinder Plaha

TGPA: 8.5 (Sem 1)

Batch - July 2023


Amrit Pal Singh Rehal

TGPA: 8 (Sem 2)

Batch - Jan 2023


Yaadavi mahajan

TGPA: 8.6 (Sem 3)

Batch - Sep 2022


Jashanpreet Singh

TGPA: 8.67 (Sem 4)

Batch - Jan 2022

Job Opportunities for BA Degree Holders

6000+ Jobs in

Administrative Assistant

Avg. Experience - 0-4 years

Avg. Starting Salary - 2.5L - 4.5L

20000+ Jobs in

Relationship Manager

Avg. Experience - 2-4 years

Avg. Starting Salary - 2L - 4L

10000+ Jobs in


Avg. Experience - 2-6 years

Avg. Starting Salary - 2.5L - 3.6L

1000+ Jobs in


Avg. Experience - 1-3 years

Avg. Starting Salary - 3L - 6L

Disclaimer : The figures represent aggregated data and trends observed in the industry and do not guarantee specific job placement or salary outcomes for individual students. The actual number of job openings and salary packages may vary based on factors such as market conditions, individual skills, and job performance.

LPU Online LMS Key Features

Mobile App

User-friendly app enabling on-the-go access for seamless learning convenience.

LIVE Classes

Real-time Interactive LIVE sessions held on weekends.

Recorded Content

400+ hours of recorded video content for anytime-anywhere access


Self-evaluation of knowledge and skills after every unit


Facilitates one-on-one peer and student-faculty interaction.

Draw Your Datesheet

Flexible exam schedule based on personal preferences.

Online Exams

Online Proctored exams monitored LIVE through AI tools for a Hassle-free experience.

Progress Monitoring

Personalized dashboard for real-time tracking.

University Communications

Access to important University updates through Announcements and My Messages section.

Relationship Management System

For your suggestions, requests, queries, and feedback on academic or administrative matters.

Get Real Results from Your Online BA Degree Program

Explore different pathways and get the most out of your Online BA Degree program with LPU.

Admission Process



Sign up and pay the initial Registration Fee

Application form

Fill the details, pay program fee and upload relevant documents

Document verification
by University

Sit back and wait for admission confirmation

Student Registration
and LMS Activation

Get your LMS credentials over the email

Additional Benefits Of Our Online BA Degree Program

Opportunity to participate in various co-curricular, extra-curricular, cultural, sports events organized by the University.
Access to world class infrastructure including sports,
academics and research facility.
Workshops aimed to enhancing mental well
being and work life balance.
Entrepreneurial avenues including incubation
centres providing technology support.

Frequently Asked Questions

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