Why LPU Online?

Boasting an innovative virtual learning environment, the university provides cutting-edge technology, interactive modules, and a robust online platform. With a diverse range of programs led by expert faculty, students benefit from a well-rounded education aligned with industry standards. Flexibility is a key hallmark, catering to the needs of students and working professionals. Discover the multitude of reasons that make LPU Online the ideal destination for your educational pursuit.

Accreditations & Rankings

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National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)

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NIRF Ranking 2023

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University Grants Commission

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All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)

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World Education Services (WES)

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THE World University Rankings 2024

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THE Impact Rankings 2024

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THE Impact Rankings 2023

Industry-Oriented Curriculum

LPU Online curriculum is designed in collaboration with industry experts. The curriculum seamlessly integrates academic rigor with practical applications, ensuring that learners are not just equipped with theoretical knowledge, but also with the skills demanded by today's dynamic industries. LPU empowers learners by bridging the gap between academia and industry. The industry-oriented curriculum nurtures holistic development, shaping graduates who are not only academically proficient but also well-prepared to make meaningful contributions to their chosen fields.

24/7 Academic Support

LPU's Online Learning Management System (LMS) is an advanced platform that provides great convenience and support to students. With 24/7 access to e-Learning resources, including 400+ hours of recorded video content for flexible learning, students can customize their education to fit their schedules. The LMS features a personalized dashboard for real-time progress tracking, making it easy for students to monitor their academic achievements. Handwritten assignments can be submitted online, streamlining the learning process. The platform offers LIVE weekend lectures, allowing real-time interaction with instructors and peers for engaging discussions. Communication is smooth through Announcement and My Message sections, ensuring learners stay updated. Additionally, the mobile app enables students to access the LMS anytime, anywhere using their smartphones or tablets.

Expert University Faculty

At LPU Online, we provide our learners with the opportunity to learn from the best in their respective fields. Our esteemed well-qualified faculty members bring their expertise and experience directly to the virtual classroom, ensuring a rich and engaging learning experience. Learners have the benefit of clearing their doubts and seeking clarification while interacting with the faculty, fostering a dynamic and interactive educational environment.

Interactive LIVE Lectures on Weekends

LPU Online offers dynamic and real-time learning experience through interactive LIVE lectures conducted on weekends to accommodate the diverse schedules and commitments of learners. Learners can actively participate in insightful discussions, ask questions, and foster connections with both instructors and fellow peers, regardless of their geographical locations. At LPU Online, we believe in transcending boundaries to deliver a truly enriching educational experience.

400+ Hours of Recorded Video Content

LPU Online helps learners unlock a flexible learning experience with the freedom to study at own pace. Learners get access to 400 + hours of recorded video content. These videos cover topics and subjects that are as per the curriculum of the program. Learners can watch these videos at their convenience, and rewind or pause them as needed. These videos help enhance their understanding of the concepts and skills that they are learning.

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Guest Lectures and Masterclasses by Industry Experts

Learners can enrich their learning process and foster professional development through the Guest Lectures and Masterclasses being offered at LPU Online. Students can get new perspective and discover real world application with the help of these industry-oriented lectures.

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Online Proctored Examination

LPU Online delivers a secure and personalized learning experience with online proctored End Term Examinations. To offer maximum flexibility to the learners, LPU Online provides a feature of ‘Draw your own Datesheet’, empowering them to select their preferred exam slots in accordance with their convenience and schedules.

Placement Support

LPU Online Placement Support Services aim to prepare learners with versatile skills that are in line with the employability needs of the Public and Private sectors. At LPU Online, we go the extra mile to provide suitable employment opportunities to our learners by organizing impactful Placement Drives. Through these drives, they get the chance to engage with potential employers, showcase their skills, and get promising job roles. LPU Online also recognizes that working and non-working professionals have different needs and thus offers a carefully crafted Professional Enhancement Programme to cater to each group.

Opportunities at Par with on-campus students

Online Learners are given equal opportunities at par with the regular students. At LPU Online, we seamlessly merge online learning with offline activities and ensure that learners thrive beyond academics by participating in various co-curricular activities. They benefit from access to the vibrant LPU campus, enabling them to network and showcase their talent by participating in academic, cultural, sports events and more. LPU Online Learners also engage in a wide range of online events such as blog writing, debate competitions and much more. These activities foster growth and contribute to their holistic development.

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