Disclosure of information

Compliance status of Regulations 9 of UGC (ODL and Online Programs) Regulations, 2020 – Self-regulation through disclosures, declarations and reports

Sr. No. Information Type Provisions Details
I. Institutional Level i. Establishing Act and Statutes Click Here to View
ii. Application submitted to UGC-DEB for offering Online programmes Click here to view
iii. Copies of the letters of recognition from Commission
Note: Not applicable for Category-I HEIs and Entitled HEIs
Click Here to View (UGC-DEB - 2021-2022)
Click Here to View (UGC-DEB - 2022-2023)
Click Here to View (UGC-DEB - 2023-2024)
iv. Copies of the letters of other relevant statutory or regulatory authorities Click Here to View (AICTE)
II. Programme-wise i. Programme details including brochures or programme guides such as
  • Name of the programme
  • Duration
  • Eligibility for enrolment
  • Programme fee
Click here to view
ii Programme-wise information on:
  • Syllabus
  • Programme structure with credit points
Click here to view
III. Faculty and Non- Teaching Staff i.  Programme-wise faculty details Click Here to View
ii.  List of supporting staff Click Here to View
IV. E- Learning Material Information about “E-Learning Materials” in 4 quadrants in case of Online programmes Click Here to View
V. Learner Support Centres (for ODL mode) List of Learner Support Centres with
  • Name with Addresses
  • Contact details
  • Working hours
  • Number of learners
  • Counseling Schedule
Not Applicable
VI. Examination i. List of the “Examination Centres” along with the number of learners in each centre Remote Proctored Online Exams
ii. Details of the Information and Communication Technology facilities available for conduct of examination Click here to view
VII. Schedule Important schedules or date-sheets for:
  • Admissions
  • Registration and re-registration
  • Assignments
  • Examinations
  • Result declarations etc
Click here to view
VIII. Admission Data Data of year-wise and programme-wise learner enrolment details
    Admissions in Session 2023-24

February 2024 Click Here to View

July-August 2023 Click Here to View

Admissions in Session 2022-23

January 2023 Click Here to View

September 2022 Click Here to View

Admissions in Session 2021-22

January 2022 Click Here to View

November 2021 Click Here to View
IX. Student Centric provision i. Frequently Asked Questions Click here to view
ii. E-Samadhan Click here to view
iii. Details of Students’ Grievance Redressal Committee (SGRC) and Ombudsperson Click here to view
iv. UGC public notice dated 19th March, 2024 on Precaution to be taken before enrolling in programmes under ODL mode and Online mode Click here to view
X. Qualitative Provision i. Feedback mechanism Click here to view

ii. Reports of internal academic audit every year by Centre for Internal Quality Assurance (CIQA) Click here to view (2021-22)
Click here to view (2022-23)
XI. Others  Refund Policy (For National students) Click Here to View
Refund Policy (For International students) Click Here to View
Scholarship Policy Click Here to View
Best Practices Click Here to View
Joint Declaration Click Here to View
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