Master of Commerce

Application Deadline:

Get up to 30%* Student Grant

* T&C Applicable


2 Years

Total of 4 semesters


8-10 hours/week

Recommended hours
for the program


LIVE + Recorded

Recorded content along
with live sessions


Rs./ Sem.

EMI facility available

Application Deadline

with Student Grant

5 Reasons Why LPU Online Offers the Best Online M.Com Program in India

  • 1
    Top grade Curriculum & Professors
    Industry oriented Curriculum designed by experts from
    academia and industry and taught by highly qualified professors
  • 2
    Best LMS with Rich Interactive Features
    Empowered LMS with an advance mobile App
    & interesting new features for effective teaching-learning activities
  • 3
    Placements & Other Career Support
    Enhancing students’ capabilities as per the career requirements and giving them necessary placement assistance
  • 4
    Master Classes and Guest Lectures led by Industry Experts
    Specially organized Master classes and Guest Lectures by Industry experts to provide the latest Industry insights
  • 5
    Full-fledged Online Mcom Degree from NAAC A++ University
    Get credible and Entitled degree from India's top ranked university, which has received the highest NAAC grade, with a score of 3.68 on a 4 point scale.
Apply for Master of commerce at LPU Online

Fee & Eligibility

Fee For Indian & International# Applicants Semester Fee Total Fee, if paid Lumpsum
Fee ₹ 24,000
Program Fee: ₹ 20,000, Exam. Fee: ₹ 4,000 (per sem.)
Total Fee: ₹ 96,000 (all sems.)
₹ 88,000
(which comes out to be ₹ 22,000 per sem.)
Fee With Up To 30%* Student Grant (Valid till ) ₹ 19,000
Program Fee: ₹ 15,000, Exam. Fee: ₹ 4,000 (per sem.)
Total Fee: ₹ 76,000 (all sems.)
₹ 70,000
(which comes out to be ₹ 17,500 per sem.)
The above fee is exclusive of the initial Registration Fee of ₹ 600/- (non-refundable).
#Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh
Fee for International Applicants (Other Countries) Semester Fee Total Fee, If paid Lumpsum
Fee US$ 1150
Program Fee: US$ 1000, Exam. Fee: US$ 150 (per sem.)
Total Fee: US$ 4600 (all sems.)
US$ 4200
(which comes out to be US$ 1050 per sem.)
Fee With Up To 30%* Student Grant (Valid till ) US$ 900
Program Fee: US$ 750, Exam. Fee: US$ 150 (per sem.)
Total Fee: US$ 3600 (all sems.)
US$ 3300
(which comes out to be US$ 825 per sem.)
The above fee is exclusive of the initial Registration Fee of US$ 10 (non-refundable).
*T&C Applicable

Payment Mode


Meet Your Instructors

Learn from the Experts in their fields and polish your skills for your upcoming opportunities

Hands-on Curriculum, Designed for Real Results

12+ Hours

Live Classes
per course on weekends

20+ Hours

Recorded Video
Content per course


Discipline Specific Electives


Ability Enhancement Course




Total Credits of Program

Semester 1

EECO515: Managerial Economics
EMGN581: Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Dynamics
EACC506: Financial Reporting, Statements and Analysis
EGEN530: Fundamental of Research
ECAP145: Fundamentals of Information Technology

Semester 2

EBSL501: Corporate Tax Structure and Planning
EMGN832: Research Methodology
EMGN578: International Business Environment
EMKT503:Marketing Management
GE-I: Generic Elective I

Semester 3

EMGN571: Corporate Strategy and Entrepreneurship
EACC510: Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination
EFIN508: International Banking and Forex Management
EACC611: International Accounting
GE-II: Generic Elective II
EMGN576: Project
2 Courses of other area from The GE Basket 1 & 2 which Is not chosen as Generic Elective (GE)

Semester 4

EOPR605: Management Science
EFIN548: International Financial Management
GE-III: Generic Elective III
GE-IV: Generic Elective IV
EMGN842: Term Paper
1 Course from the GE Basket 3 of same area from which is Courses chosen in Project As GE

*Note: All LPU Online Programs are offered in English medium only, except for a few Hindi Core/ Elective courses in BA Program.

Learning should be Interactive & Fun

Industry Exposure

Guest Lectures, Webinars & Seminars by
eminent industrialists

Projects & Capstone

Multifaceted assignment that serves as a
culminating academic experience for students

Encourage peer evaluation

A structured learning process to critique
and provide feedback to each other

Live learning with Q & A

Q & A discussion for a collaborative
learning experience


Program Specific USPs

Contemporary Curriculum

Industry-oriented curriculum designed by experts to gain mastery in the field of Commerce.

In-demand Skills

Opportunity to gain in-demand skills related to Financial Reporting, Statements and Analysis, Corporate Tax Structure and Planning and International Banking and Forex Management.

Research Exposure

Inculcation of Research through course on Fundamental of Research and Term Paper.

Real-World Application

Provision of Summer Training for experiential learning.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Exciting Interdisciplinary Elective courses to explore like Digital and Social Media Marketing, Data Science Toolbox, Security Analysis and Human Resource Metrics and Analytics and More!

IT Skills

Competitive edge through Skill Enhancement Course on Fundamentals of IT.

Log-in to the Most Efficient Way to Study

LIVE lectures on weekends is one of the best features of Online degree program

LIVE Classes

Recorded video content to learn at your own pace

Recorded Content

Self assessment is one of the best learning techniques in Online degree program


Interactive learning in Online degree by India's best University


Flexible Learning on the go with mobile app in Online degree program

Mobile App

Flexible Online Exam by India's best Online University


Gain in - depth knowledge of Commerce

Online M. Com opens employment opportunities in the field of banking and management sector.
Role / Starting Salary

# of Open Jobs

Internal Auditor
Rs. 3 to 6 LPA


Investment Analyst / Investment Advisor
Rs. 6 to 10 LPA


Company Secretary
Rs. 3 to 6 LPA


Equity Analyst
Rs. 5 to 10 LPA


Financial Auditor
Rs. 3 to 6 LPA


Terminal Manager
Rs. 7 to 10 LPA



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Get Real Results from Your Online M.Com Degree

Explore different pathways and get the most out of your Online M.Com Degree program with LPU.

Pathway: 1

Mentorship & Drives to
Crack Placements

Pathway: 2

Incubator to Start Your
Own Business

Pathway: 3

Guidance to Crack
Government Exams

Pathway: 4

Counselling for
Study Abroad

Pathway: 5

Mentorship To Improve
Your Business

Pathway: 6

Guidance for
Further Education

Get a Fully Accredited UGC Degree from NAAC A++ University

  • Degree from Top Ranked University
    Get high-stature degree on completion of your course from India’s top most University
  • Universally Accepted & Recognized
    The Degree is globally accepted and duly entitled by UGC - Distance Education Bureau
  • No Difference From Campus Program Degree
    The degree is recognized by statuary bodies and treated at par with regular degrees
LPU Online degree sample.

Placement Support Services


Enhance your skills with our Professional Enhancement Program

Mock Interviews

Nail your next interview

50-70 Companies

Visiting per year

Our Top Recruiters

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Videocon placement - Providing valuable career opportunities for LPU Online students
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Admission Process



Sign up and pay Rs. 600 Registration fee


Online Application form

Fill the details, pay Program fee and upload relevant documents


Document verification by University

Sit back and wait for the approval


Student Registration and LMS Activation

Get your LMS credentials over the email

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